Installation and Assembly

Before buying an Action Climbing Frame it is important to measure your garden. To ensure safety an unobstructed area of 1.5m should be left clear around your climbing frame as well as 2.5m clear zone in front and behind swings.

Although it is possible for climbing frames to be assembled by one person it is not recommended. Action climbing frames are large and heavy due to the substantial timber we use; therefore, we advise that assembly is undertaken by two or more people.

Included in the climbing frame packaging will be a detailed set of assembly instructions and a drill bit for preparing screw frames. Packaged in a sealed silver foil pack will be your instructions and fixings. Please take care when opening this package as some parts are easily lost in the grass. We recommend you cut open the platform pack wrapping in such away as to provide a surface on which to lay out the fixing components.

When assembling your Action climbing Frame you will need the following tools:

  • 13mm box or socket spanner
  • 17mm box or socket spanner
  • A cordless drill with Philips screwdriver
  • Spirit Level
  • Tape measure

Build times are set out in the table below, but are a guideline only and assume a reasonable level and clear area.

Arundel Arundel Twin Monmouth Monmouth Twin York Carisbrooke Gate Lodge Monkey Bars
Approx Build Time 6-8 Hours 8-10 Hours 6-8 Hours 6-10 Hours 6-8 Hours 6-10 Hours 10-12 Hours 4-6 Hours

When assembling your climbing frame, you may find it easier to make up the tower components horizontally before raising them upright. The majority of our climbing frames allow you to arrange your climbing frame in multiple  configurations to fit the shape of your garden. Therefore, we advise using our ‘Action 3D software as it will give you accurate dimension of your climbing frame layout.