Gate Lodge Climbing Frame

    The Gate Lodge features a fun play house on a raise platform, 1.5m off the ground, making it a great place to play or simply hang out with friends.

    The Balcony can be reached by the climbing wall or the easy access ladder.  Once on the balcony your child can play inside the den with its square unglazed windows and pitched roof or slide back down to floor level using the 3m wavy slide, which comes in a range of fun colours.

    The Gate Lodge wooden climbing frame even features a double swing arm with two fully adjustable pine wood swing seats.


    • 1.8m square wooden tower
    • 1.8m x 1.2m  wooden playhouse
    • Wooden roof
    • Wooden Balcony 1.8m long & 60cm wide – 1.5m high
    • Wooden Sandpit area with built in seating
    • Wooden access ladder
    • Double Swing Arm
    • 2 x adjustable wooden swing seats
    • 3m wavy slide
    • Inclined rock climbing wall