Arundel Twin Compact Wooden Climbing Frame

Arundel Twin Compact Wooden Climbing Frame/climbing frames


One of our most popular Action Climbing Frames, the Arundel Twin Towers has always offered loads of FUN for a fantastic price but, this great value frame was often ordered by parents who had slightly order children and the staircase and sandpit we not really needed for this age group.

The Arundel Twin Compact Wooden Climbing Frame still offers two 90cm square wooden towers connected by a wooden 1.5m Clatter bridge, two pine wood swing seats, commando net and a 3m wavy green slide so you have lost none of the fun – we have simply removed the sections of the frame that are more suited to the younger child age range such as the sand pit and stairs and because this is an Action Climbing Frame if you want to add some more fun climbing frame accessories or another Action add on there is no end to the possibilities.

The Arundel Compact is just as flexible in its layout as ever a great all round climbing frame for your garden.


  • 2 x 90cm square wooden towers
  • 2 x 90cm square wooden platforms – 1.5m high
  • Wooden access ladder
  • Commando net
  • Double swing arm
  • Extra swing hanger for additional accessories
  • 2 x adjustable pine wooden swing seats
  • 3m wavy slide
  • Clatterbridge