Arundel Climbing Frame All Attatchments

    The Arundel Action Climbing Frame has been extremely popular since its launch. The single 90cm square Tower is constructed from square plained timber which has been treated with a child friendly pressure treatment that protects the frame for 10 years.

    The Arundel Features a Double swing frame with two pine wood swing seats that fix on using Poly hemp rope and galvanised steel fixings. The swing seats can easily be changed out and Action offer a great range of complementary swing seats that offer additional play value and fun to the frame.

    The Wooden tower offers a 1.5m platform that is accessed from a ladder. Once up on the platform your child is a world of fun the roof and balustrades give safety and protection and make the child feel that they are high above the world. The Platform leads off on to a 3m wavy slide. The slide is available in both a lovely sage green and in a fun purpley, pink shade.

    The base of the tower holds a sandpit that is built around the uprights and so gives a 90cm square play area perfect for younger members of the family.

    To the side of the tower is a great challenging commando net that gives older children a challenge – can they make it to the top???

    All this fun is available in the single Arundel Wooden climbing frame, but as your child grows you can add extra fun accessories to this wonderful frame – a climbing ramp with rope, a climbing wall or Monkey bars for more active climbers for example

    The only limit to your frame with Action is your imagination!


    • 90cm (3ft) square wooden tower 3.2m high
    • Wooden roof
    • 90cm (3ft) square wooden platform 1.5m high
    • Wooden access ladder
    • Commando net
    • Double swing arm 3m long
    • 2 x adjustable pine wood swing seats
    • 3m (10ft) Green or Pink wavy slide
    • Sandpit with two seats


    Code: ATJE255