Action 3D

Action 3D is a Gardengames invention where you can Design Your Own bespoke Climbing Frame.

Our unique system allows you to view and arrange your Climbing Frame components in a variety of positions. Once you have designed your perfect Climbing Frame Action 3D will create your own personalized shopping list, where each part used will be clearly listed with code and price thus giving you ease of use when ordering.

Action 3D/

Our Design Your Own Climbing Frame range is totally modular, which means that using our Action 3D CD you can create your own layout, with the play features you and your children require. Of course you can still add to this in the future. This Design Your Own option allows you to choose exactly the play units you want. If your garden has a funny shape, or you have a wide age range of children then you can add play features that suit you. Our Design Your Own product range has allowed you to grow your climbing frame as your children grow, giving years of energetic play.